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Airbus A380

Control House were chosen to design the control systems & software for new test rigs to be used at the Airbus factory in Broughton UK.

The systems are used to test the hydraulic pipes installed in the wings of their flagship A380 passenger aircraft during the final stages of production of the wings and others including the A340.

The processes include nitrogen pressure tests, fluid pressure tests up to 350bar, high flow flushing with cleanliness monitoring and nitrogen purging.

Due to the aggressive properties of the hydraulic fluids being used specialist cables & installation methods were utilised.

The software was developed to provide a simple user interface with step by step operator prompts coupled with powerful flexibility to meet the demanding requirements of the client.

Aerospace Manufacturing Facility – China

Control House was selected to develop the Software & Commission a large complex machine used to form aircraft parts.

Project timescales to complete the works were extremely short, for such an involved project, but the Control House team committed to the plan and successfully completed on time.

Technically the machine delivers forces of up to 500T and controls temperature at 1000°C.

Tolerances of all control loops are extremely tight and the machine now controls beautifully. The Software was developed using Siemens TIA with Profinet, Profibus networks.

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