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Food & Beverage

We have much experience of working within the stringent requirements of the UK’s food industry supplying control systems and associated services.

In line drinks chillers

Working together with a major drinks refrigeration company, Control House developed fully automated PC based test rigs. Several test rigs were provided for use around the client’s facility, communicating over Ethernet to a secure server. Analysis tools were provided to provide fast, accurate management information.

Benefits to the customer

Previously, the test procedure was labour intensive, time consuming and required wet testing including freezing & thawing and then drying after the tests.

Our system makes the testing process simple, fast and dry which means their product now goes out of the door fully tested with the results logged on the server and a report printed out in the fastest possible time with massively improved efficiency & accuracy.

This has meant big cost-savings for the company as it avoids the cost of engineers having to travel to site to fix problems that were not previously being picked up in the test phase.

All this is helping to maintain great customer confidence in their product.

Over time, the logged test results are analysed and the test criteria tightened up to increase further, the reliability of the products.

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